Dispute: about "Video of the day"

Dear Colleagues!
Often lately active "likes" made very controversial video to "Video of the day" ... Let's be more selective and objective in their assessments, colleagues? Let's discuss some of the work, trapped in the "Video of the Day" recently.
Suggest you make a dispute in English, so that it could be open to all colleagues from a variety of countries represented on our site. Even if you do not know English, simple phrases google translator translates very well.
weva.pro/en/video/17437/day (page deleted)
Is interesting...
Colleagues! Do you like this video? Do you consider it a worthy choice for Video of the day?
Videographer Dmitry Sedov
Moscow, Russia


    • Videographer Pavlo Kyrychenko
      Totally agree. This video contains a couple of good shots at the beginning and at the end, which are made in the after Effects. But the video is not really harmonious, especially pay attention to the quality of shooting and sound of proposal.
      As for me, I watch video of the day in order to learn something new, see interesting techniques of shooting, lighting, editing, or color correction.
      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        Full agree with you, especially in the music selection. Not seem to "fit" like a glove. Nine minutes of epic music makes me very long.
        Logically, that constructive criticism is not meant to offend anyone.
    • Deleted Antonio Domingo
      OK, Gran iniciativa, a mi correo, han llegado algunas peticiones para ver o votar video, para lograr video del dia. Creo que existen mejores formas. Abrazos a los amigos del foro, Saludos Dmitry
    • Videographer Avatarfilms Studio
      I Like for:
      1. Beautiful shots in the beginning and the end.
      2. It was fun to watch, and it was clear that the used materials taken by different people, so I was not critical to the quality of this video.
      About the fact that I get into the list of those who produce lately become Video of the day - so get active, place Like the works that you think are more worthy. A year ago to become a video of the day was quite 4-5 Likes. Now it takes twice as much.
      studio myGraphics to comment on this video wrote: "I do not think they even looked :)." My answer: I watched almost every video that is laid out on Eeva every day. And you? ;)
      To all who believe that the video of the day are "unworthy": and what you did that in the Video of the day becomes only worthy videos? Why do you think that without your participation will be all the way you think is right? :)
    • Videographer Natalya Balan
      Я не отношусь к злостным критикам и по этому в каждой работе стараюсь найти что-то полезное для себя. Странно конечно упрекать участников за то, что они хоть что-то смотрят и лайкают. Конечно же после шума на *** здесь активность значительно увеличелась и теперь можно тыкать пальцем, молв: - ай-йа-йа выбрали не достойную работу на "Видео Дня". Моя работа стала "Видео Дня" набрав всего лишь 5 лайков, я тогда очень удивилась. А чего Вы хотите, ведь временной диапазон голосования составляет 3 месяца, а не 1 день и даже не 1 месяц...
    • Videographer Natalya Balan
      I don't treat malicious critics and on it I try to find something in each work useful to myself. It is strange to reproach certainly participants that they though watch something and press the like button. Certainly after noise here activity considerably increased by *** and now it is possible to point a finger, and to speak: - ah-йа-йа chose not decent work on "Video of Day". My work became "Video of Day" having gathered only 5 likes, I then very much was surprised. And that you want, after all the time span of vote makes 3 months...
    • Videographer VPV weddings
      We are in complete agreement. The choice of "video of the day" should be as selective, objective and transparent as possible. To do this, I think a discussion is a good choice.
    • Videographer VPV weddings
      Estamos completamente de acuerdo. La eleccion del "video del día" debe ser lo más selectiva, objetiva y transparente posible. Para ello, creo que una discusión es una buena elección.
    • Videographer Владимир Курков
      Мне действительно понравилась, данная работа, конечно в ней есть много косяков, слабая цветокорекция, съемка местами ужасная, но общее впечатление от работы положительное, не всегда удается посмотреть клипы целиком, т.к они очень похожи друг на друга. Эту работу посмотрел с удовольствием от начала и до конца.
    • Videographer Ainutdin Cheriev
      Жму потому что мне жмут. Даже на улице чужому человеку мы готовы сказать "спасибо", почему бы не сказать спасибо тому кто оценил твое видео? Конечно хотелось бы в видео дня видеть такие же сильные работы как на Maywed-е, возможно когда видео дня будет отбираться по достижению как минимум 100 лайков, тогда и можно будет говорить о непредвзятости тех кто оценивал и тогда на самом деле мы будем видеть сильные и достойные видеоклипы. А пока видео дня достигается всего лишь 10-12 лайками грех не попросить друга и подняться в рейтинговой таблице. Есть еще одно мнение что видео дня нам не нужно слишком много посредственного будет в этом разделе, предлагаю "ВИДЕО НЕДЕЛИ". А вообще надо народ активировать, пару троек троллей на форум )) и побольше конкурсов. Создать что то типа ассоциации которая раздает премии или статуэтки типа Оскара и Золотой филин. Привлекать народ и поднимать статус EEva чтоб люди люди кланялись и молились на него )) А клип этот скучный - не досмотрел.
      • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
        "...and more competitions. We need to create an association that distributes premium or statues of "Oscar." It is necessary to attract the people and to raise the status of Eeva..."
        Very correct statement. Unfortunately, I can not do everything alone. Need help all members of the Association.
    • Videographer Film Art Team
      I still not understand how the selection of "video of the day" works. I think there are excellent works in this group that never been presented as a "Video of the Day" and others who honestly do not understand how some were chosen.
      • Videographer Avatarfilms Studio
        Below each video is a button "Like". This button can be pressed by any member of EEVA, if this member liked the video. Video that is gaining the most votes becomes Video of the day. There are no more another arrangements to become Video of the day.
        If you think there are excellent works that never been presented as a Video of the Day - give them your vote, press "Like".
        With best regards, Nikita.
    • Videographer FilmLOOK Studio
      Osobiście uważam że ten film jak najbardziej zasłużył na miano "Film Dnia" chociażby za swoją odmienność. Sam nie zdążyłem na niego zagłosować.
      Druga sprawa że powinniśmy zmienić zasady przyznawania tego wyróżnienia. Wybór "Film Dnia" powinien być nagradzany przez filmowców z TOP 15.
      To oni powinni oglądać i przyznawać punkty dla wszystkich klipów.
      • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
        Great offer! Tell me how we get them to do it? How many videos do you personally look at the site in a week? Three? Five? Every day is published 40-50 video. No one is watching all the video from start to finish. Top15 members are on the site is very rare. And even more rarely vote.
    • Videographer AMMC STUDIO
      The opening shots are great, I would cut that video a little shorter, because 9 minutes makes it a little too long. Some people complaining about the quality of the proposal footage. I think it is possible that it wasn't the same videographer who filmed the proposal, maybe the video was given to the studio by the couple? Sometimes the client demands changes of the videos that does't especially fit. The proposal video was part of their story, probably shot by someone else didn't necessary fit stylistically to the rest of the film. I agree that the choice of the epic music for the whole video makes it a little boring, epic music is great for a 2-3 minutes "coming soon" trailer.... Overall it is not a bad video so I do not quiet understand the whole bashing.
    • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
      Nobody said that the video is poor. This is just an example. In the "Video of the Day" get a very different video and in each of them can be found both good and bad. That is why this conversation started.
    • Videographer VPV weddings
      Pienso que el proceso de selección de vídeo del día no es el más justo. Opino que, en general, se ve y se da like a los trabajos de la gente que se tiene como referencia cuando se dispone de tiempo para hacerlo (cuando no se tiene el tiempo, ni eso) y no todos los trabajos que se suben (que son bastantes). Esto no quiere decir que el resto de trabajos no sean buenos o muy buenos, y que no merezcan ser el "video del día", pero si provoca que no sean votados y automáticamente se eliminan como posibles ganadores. También pienso que, aunque creo que no es un proceso justo, es comlpicado decidir como se tendría que hacer para que lo sea. Por último, también creo que aunque pase a premiarse vídeo de la semana, o del mes, sucederá lo mismo. Nadie a casi nadie va a ver todos los trabajos, continuará viendo los de la gente que tenga de referencia y será a los que vote, descartando al resto de trabajos sin verlos.
    • Videographer VPV weddings
      I think the selection process video of the day is not the fairest. I think that, in general, looks like and is given to the work of the people who have as a reference when you have time to do it (when you have the time, nor that) and not all jobs that are uploaded (which are many). This does not mean that other jobs are not good or very good, and does not deserve to be the "video of the day", but if causes are not voted and are deleted automatically as possible winners. I also think that, although I think it is a fair process is comlpicado decide how it should be done to make it so. Finally, I also believe that even though I go to reward video of the week, or month, it will happen the same. Nobody hardly anyone will see all jobs, continue to see the people that have and will reference to that vote, discarding the remaining work without them.
      • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
        Can you suggest any other variant of the decision?
        • Videographer VPV weddings
          Pienso que una opción válida, aunque continuaría teniendo fallos, sería que los vídeos de la batalla del día fuesen todos los vídeos subidos durante el día anterior en EEVA. De todos esos trabajos, al día siguiente hacer una batalla entre los dos más votados, y que al tercer día, el vídeo del día sea el que haya ganado la batalla final. Está claro que la gente que votase no vería todos los trabajos subidos en el día, pero si se le daría un valor añadido a la portada del trabajo, ya que probablemente se abrirían los trabajos con una portada más llamativa, y aunque la gente seguiría abriendo también los trabajos de la gente que tiene de referencia, también podría abrir otros trabajos que, por cualquier motivo, le llamasen la atención.
          Solo es una idea que ni siquiera se si es viable
          I think an option, but would continue to have failures, the videos would be the battle of the day were all videos uploaded during the previous day EEVA. In all these works, the next day do a battle of the top two, and the third day, video of the day is the one that won the final battle. It is clear that people would vote no would all work uploaded in the day, but if you would give an added value cover work because you probably work with a striking cover would open, and although people continue opening also the work of people with reference could also open up other work, for any reason, call him attention.
          It's just an idea that not even the feasibility
          • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
            Interesting idea, but it is difficult to implement. It will be necessary remake the design, because the site shows one battle and archive, and not three battles.
            About covers... I suggest everybody doing bright and interesting covers for your videos. Our site is specially made so that the author manually add The cover, not automatically. You are lazy, or why?
            • Videographer VPV weddings
              He dicho tres portadas porque me parece interesante que los buenos trabajos estén más tiempo expuestos de alguna manera especial, pero se podría reducir todo a una sola batalla entre todos los vídeos que se suban al día, y el vencedor ser el vídeo del día.
              Respecto a las portadas, no debe haber funcionado muy bien el traductor de google, porque no me refería a las portadas de mis trabajos. No me da ninguna pereza hacerlas, y de hecho, me gusta bastante. Lo que quería decir es que, como se suben muchos vídeos diariamente y la gente no los puede ver todos, solo verían los que les llamara la atención viendo las portadas.
              I said three covers because I find it interesting that the good jobs are longer exposed in some special way, but it could reduce everything to a battle between all the videos that are uploaded daily, and the winner be the video of the day.
              Concerning covers, should not have worked very well the google translator because I was not referring to the covers of my work. Do not give me any laziness make them, and in fact, I quite like. What I meant is that as many videos are uploaded daily and people can not see them all, which would only attract their attention watching the covers.
    • Videographer Wesele Studio
      Moim zdaniem sposób wyboru "filmu dnia" jest dobry. Czasami może się trafić film który nie zachwyca, ale czy z tego powodu zmieniać sposób wyboru. Zgodzę się z Dmitry, że sam wszystkiego nie zrobi, że powinniśmy bardziej angażować się w ocenę filmów i komentarze. Podoba mi się postawa Avatar Videostudio. Chciałbym jeszcze zwrócić uwagę na "Bitwę dnia" nie może być tak, że niektórzy lobbują swój film na swoim fanpage i proszą o oddanie głosu swoich fanów. Jest to po prostu nie sprawiedliwe i nie pokazuje tak naprawdę kto był lepszy. Wydaję mi się że tacy użytkownicy sami siebie oszukują. Kończąc spróbujmy troszkę więcej udzielać się, komentować, niech w EEVA będzie więcej życia.
    • Videographer Wesele Studio
      In my opinion way to select "Video of the day" is ok. Sometimes it may hit movie that does not impress, but whether because of this we have to change the way of choice. I agree with Dmitry, he do not do everything alone, that we should become more involved in the evaluation of movies and comments. I like the attitude Avatar VideoStudio. I would like to pay more attention to the "Battle of the day" may not be the case that some lobbying own movie on your own fanpage and ask for voting his fans. It is simply not fair and it does not show who was really better. It seems to me that such users are cheating themselves. In closing let's give a little more, comment, judge let in EEVA will be more life.
    • Videographer Andrea Spinelli
      I really like the video is beautiful, well made and cared for.
      I paice the idea of ​​reading the comments, I like or do not like about colleagues. is so that one can grow and improve. Well done to all
    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      En este momento estoy editando una boda y entre cortando y estirando los clips de la edición se me ocurrió lo siguiente: El sistema de votaciones podría seguir siendo el mismo pero su dinámica podría ser: los miembros PRO, su voto vale +1 (por ejemplo) y resto de miembros +0.5 (por ejemplo). No tiene que ser de esta forma, pero intento decir que al menos se podría diferenciar por el tipo de miembro. Y otra cosa: para poder votar, debería ser obligatorio ver el video completo. El sistema de votos se activaría al finalizar el video. Entiendo que son cosas difíciles de aplicar. La adaptación del sistema web puede ser algo complicada, pero mi idea no deja de ser otro boceto más para la mesa de trabajo. Saludos.
    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      Right now I'm editing a wedding and stretching between cutting and editing clips I thought the following: The voting system could remain the same but the dynamics could be: PRO members, their vote is worth +1 (for example ) +0.5 and other members (for example). You do not have to be this way, but trying to say that at least could be differentiated by the type of member. And another thing: in order to vote, should be mandatory watch the full video. The voting system is activated at the end of the video. I understand that things are difficult to implement. The web adaptation system can be somewhat complicated, but my idea continues to be another sketch for the worktable. Regards.
    • Videographer Victor Popov Film Company
      Hello, colleagues!
      Please accept my apology for joining the discussion so late, but I was extremely busy and didn`t have the physical possibility to do it earlier.
      I would like to express my opinion on couple of things: the matter`s content, the way the topic has been announced, views of colleagues and, of course, to lay out the reasons for my vote.
      Allow me first to thank the creators and administrators of this website, for granting all of us, colleagues from all the world, the wonderful opportunity to present our work, to share our demands and experiments, to comment and enjoy all artistic achievements in the field.
      This is the place to emphasize on my great respect towards the personality and creativity of each and every colleague, regardless the experience, age and realization they might have.
      It`s essential to clarify this, for it`s in the basis of every position I`m defending, viz. honouring the personal and artistical sovereignty and dignity of an artist.
      Another important highlight. Dear colleagues, I beg you to understand me correctly. All the critics I`m about to share with you are well-intentioned and constructive. I`m under the conviction that such an attitude can only contribute to this spelndid site`s improvement. On the other hand, I will be very satisfied if my comments eventually become the reason to rethink the complexed problem connected with art, the process of creating it and the methods for analysing and recognition of an artwork.
      Now lets go back to the beginning:
      1. About the discussion’s announcement
      All of us are filming, directing, creating scenarios. Lets act professional when it comes to the dramatics of announcing this dispute. Which is the event in it?
      The announcement aims to suggest to existence of an event – 10 people have liked a video clip, which is unworthy of approval. Every participant in the discussion have considered that to be true and started giving opinions.
      The case is really simple. It’s a pure fact that 10 artists from different countries, with different experience, age and artistic preferences, like the same video. But, as it turns out, an eleventh person appears, which is also a fact, and that person is accusing the other ten in lack of taste, objectivity, selectivity, makes them feel guilty for they are the reason for publishing unworthy clips at “Video of the day” section. She/he demands motives and explanation of their choice and that, my dear colleagues, is a fact that acquires the meaning of a dramaturgical event. Another important circumstance – the “accuser” doesn’t point out a single argument to defend his/her thesis and criticism.
      In short, I consider Mr. Sedov`s position to be, softly speaking, improper. It`s not right to accuse colleagues of their taste, choices and even to inspire guilt in their minds because of what they like and do. This is intolerable. Nevertheless without giving any arguments.
      To me, it’s totally unacceptable to declare someone’s video clip unworthy, without giving the reasons for such an accusation.
      2. „Let's be more selective and objective in their assessments, colleagues“
      • I hope the appeal toward “objective assessment” is clear to everybody which makes it, the appeal, pointless. The term “objectivity” is highly inappropriate when one is assessing a piece of artwork. There’s a reason why the art history doesn’t recognize a single theoretician or practician, who has dared to accredit objectivity as a suitable mean to asses an artwork.
      • As to the “selective” attitude while assessing, in this case it should be comprehended as more demanding and difficult giving of “likes”.
      There are about 950 website members right now, colleagues. The number of the ones who vote on a “regular” basis is no bigger than 20-30 people, which makes the activity less than 3%. According to me, the excessive activity isn’t the website’s problem, but the lack of such activity withheld the majority of colleagues from expressing their opinions. But this is another subject. I’m afraid that the appeal for larger selectivity will not only decrease the activity so far, but also will additionally alienate some colleagues and this could badly affect all of us.
      3. I have to explain my way of voting, which obviously doesn’t suit Mr. Sedov. I respect his opinion without sharing it and I claim my method to be perfect.
      • In general, I’m giving “like” to every clip I fancy
      • I’m hitting the “like” button for a clip that made me sympathetic to the married couple and to the story which reveals their individualities and expresses the exciting emotions of the wedding day, even though there might be some weaknesses;
      • I’m also liking a clip which surprises and provokes me with its creative solutions, despite any failing it may have on the whole;
      • I can like a well-made video, the aesthetics of which may not be familiar to me, but I notice its existence and appreciate its followers;
      • I give my “like” to a video that has certain failings but I’m taking into account the author’s hard work and dedication in the search for interesting perspectives, compositional decisions, editing connections etc. that may not be quite successful in general. I give it to encourage and support the artistic strive of a colleague, because I consider his/her work far more valuable than the still, stamped, routined and selfish artistry;
      • My like gets a clip which dares to experiment, sometimes not as successfully as the creator had wanted, in looking for new expressions and artistic techniques;
      • There are authors in the websites, which are undoubtedly talented, but their activity ends with the act of uploading videos. They don’t vote and don’t express opinion and thus, they have set a distance between themselves and the others; I used to give likes to their works but I stopped, because I don’t think it’s right to favor their disinterest, narcissism and self-sufficiency. One of my favorite thoughts, regarding the art and the artist, is of a great Russian director, actor and educator C.S.Stanislavski. He says “Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.”
      Yes, it turned out that I’m the most generous, giving away “likes” person among my colleagues.
      Up until recently, Mr. Spineli, was in such position, but I’ve noticed that, for reasons I don’t understand, he somehow constrained himself.
      4.Why did I like the “Epic film” video?
      • I liked the video because it made me sympathetic to the unique story of the newlywed couple, their relationship, emotion, memories. It reflects their individuality, uncovers or at least marks parts of their relation history. There is a specific dramaturgy, message and pathos, which is very appealing to me.
      • I liked the video because of the authors` artistic selflessness. It doesn’t matter if they realize it or not, they demonstrate a great and rare to encounter quality, which is distinctive to grand artists – the ability to “self-restraint” and to direct their creativity only towards an adequate disclosure of the dramatics content, which in this case comes to the individuality, feelings and celebration of the newlyweds. As you could easily notice, there isn’t any track of the couple’s personal history, their unique scent and experiences, in most of the videos of this website’s “stars”. These people’s story and their feast is just an occasion for the author to astonish everybody with creativity, ingenuity and imagination. Unfortunately, there are authors who don’t aim to develop and present the sublime feelings of the event. The only thing they strive is to expose themselves as authors. This is not interesting to me and there’s no way it could be an example of a real art. The path is wide, easy and well-trodden, but it had never led to the temple.
      • I liked the video for its difference from the many other videos in the website. But consider that being different hasn’t been some kind of a desired extravagance which can only be successful in a cheap moment. It’s a product of the author’s sincere intention to stay faithful to the content. It’s a result of their seeking for expressions to create the story with.
      • I liked the video because of the interesting compositions from the beginning to the end. Yes, it’s not something we’ve never seen before in the cinema art, but to me it was interesting, unexpected and dramaturgical justified.
      • I realize, of course, the weaknesses of the video, but in the background of its strong features, it’s much more important to congratulate the Romanian colleagues for what they’ve done and to encourage them to keep working in the direction they have chosen, which I consider to be the right one.
      5. Please, excuse me, colleagues, but I would like to share my amazement. How is it possible such a video to be declared unworthy, how can colleagues and professionals give away sentences so lightly, considering the absence or disturbingly shallow amount of argumentation? How can the analysis and evaluation only come down to “This video contains a couple of good shots at the beginning and at the end, which are made in the after Effects.“, „Full agree with you, especially in the music selection. Not seem to "fit" like a glove“, „Work places interesting, yet most of it is very boring.“? Do you think it’s normal and fair to assess the honest art work and dedication demonstrated by our colleagues in such an irresponsible way?
      6. Shortly after the announcing of the discussion and the publishing of the first opinions, I`ve noticed that all users, who used to be active in voting, seem to have rapidly decreased their activity, as if someone had commanded them to do so. They all accepted the advice for “objectivity and selectivity in assessment” so fast and obedient. I will reserve judgment on the subject of their choice, but I`ll share that this is an extremely disturbing fact to me. An artist or not, the inner freedom and independence should be on the point of every person`s spear.
      7.”Let us be generous!”
      Everybody`s free, dear colleagues, to make a choice between being generous or “selective”, between encouragement and restraint.
      With all my heart I call upon You towards Generosity.
      Be Generous in your judgments, in art and in life!
      Here are at least three of the reasons why:
      Firstly, in personal perspective – generosity brings mutual benefit, upon the object and the subject, it helps and supports the Other, but it can also have a powerful and positive moral effect on the personality of the Giving.
      Secondly, in civilizational and sociocultural plan – one of the numerous aspects of the absolute crisis which has spread all over the western society is the absence of real human generosity. Even more, the post-industrial society`s cynicism had already evolved till the point of recognizing as a value the opposite of generosity – greed, commercialism, selfishness. Being generous means to actively withstand the decadence and to strengthen humanity.
      Thirdly, in religious aspect – Generosity is one of the seven fundamental virtues in Christianity, which are the antipodes of the seven deadly sins. Being generous means to keep our faith alive, only on the tip of our tongues, because it reflects in our actions.
      Dear colleagues, there are so many other thing I would like to share with you, but I wouldn`t want to take more advantage of your time and attention.
      Please, excuse me, if my tone has been more emotional than the usual.
      In conclusion, I would like to once again pay my respect to all of you, participants and non-participants in the discussion.
      Warm regards!
      Victor Popov
      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        All opinions are respected. I agree with you on most points and I would like to emphasize mainly this: "Unfortunately, there are authors who do not aim to develop and present the sublime feelings of the event.". I did not filmed. I am editor and worked for several filmmakers. My style is what it is and like. But sometimes, I prior to production, like remembering to try to film the story. Clearly, the details are very important and give a whole lot of light at the end, but I like to repeat that of: a picture is worth a thousand words.
        Your review is very respectable.
        I just got here. I'm still missing several weeks before you have a "pro" option and I have found that (as in all) there are very generous people and people who seem to live in "other status". I do not really care, but I also like to have 60 hits in a video (far from 500, 600 or more I usually see around here), but my satisfaction is the handshake of my clients and the emotions of the bride and groom to see his film. The one I do better or worse is my responsibility and I very much agree that we should discuss more videos and do not simply give the "I like". I always expect someone to put a comment and advise me or congratulate, but now it seems .... I do not deserve that attention. Nothing happens. The error also part of me. I comment sometimes .... but not seem to matter .... In yesterday's battle could not see one of the videos, I mentioned .... but no reply .....
        But here I am. In all places where there is more than one person, there may be agreement or disagreement. Here are 1000 people .... I can not fault the treatment and also I get excited watching others videos and taking note of some ideas.
        We should be happier.
    • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
      Victor! Colleagues!
      Thank you so much for such a great speech. I absolutely agree with your every word :)))) For my part, my post was an attempt to increase the activity on the site, to create a provocation that will comment more videographers than usual. I'm very upset that the EEVA no vote, no one says, no writes on the forum ...
      A similar topic created for Russian users has caused a lot more noise. eeva.pro/ru/forum/eeva/view/186
      But remaining videographers - silent and modest ...
      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        After reading the thread of conversation created for Russian users. Impressive. Good ideas, great views and also some high-pitched words.
        In any case, you're absolutely right. The participation of other users seem very limited. Will the holidays? ¿Great workload? Just come here to be applauded? Etc .... ...
        The solutions to your questions have been raised about improving EEVA, are many. Video of the day, battles, ways to give votes, etc. But there comes a time when it seems that for the time ..... but still appear new videos ...... Where then is our commitment to EEVA? If I publish a video I do consistently, but that my colleagues see it, criticize it, I recommend, advise me, and ..... if you give the "Like", as it is appreciated ... ..
        This reminds me a little of Facebook. Mark where many people "like" something without reading it, for just the reason for that is laid by a friend. And that's the feeling I have sometimes EEVA.
        Please. Do not misinterpret my words. It is normal for someone to see more videos of a person than others. By affinity, friendship, geographical proximity. But then .... looks like we're not being impartial with others right?
        I think EEVA really worth it. Customers are not looking for us here but I think that's not the purpose. The cometivo should be able to see the work of colleagues. The trends I see in the videos of other countries or videos closest colleagues, give me a hint how I can improve my works based on trends and experience. As I mentioned before, I only edit. My clients know how little work and tell me, but I who can give you some idea of what to write to a particular moment. I think I've improved .. rather .... I think my style has been refined. EEVA reef is a very important information for both expert (always learn something) and the novice. The important thing is that ALL participate in some way.
    • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
      Find orders with a general purpose site as EVA impossible - in each country, their traditions and their distribution channels. We can not consider all variants ... The main objective of EEVA - in that our participants looked at the work of other colleagues and improved, raise their level, and learned new things.
      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        I'm sorry. The English translator of Google is more oxidized than mine. My previous comment is mistranslated and full of meaningless words. I repeat and check:
        After reading the conversation thread created for Russian users, I say: awesome. There are good ideas, a lot of activity and also some words out of tune.
        In any case, you're absolutely right. The participation of other users seems very limited. Will the holidays? ¿Will the great workload? Only come here to be applauded? Etc .... ...
        The responses to your questions about possible improvements in the system EEVA, are many. Video of the day, the battles, the ways to vote, etc, but there comes a time when it seems that there is no activity ..... but still appear new videos ...... Where, then, is our commitment to EEVA?
        It seems that everything is on "post a video, colleagues see it, click the "like" next video ..... colleagues see it, click the "like", the next video ..... etc. ...
        This reminds me a little of Facebook. There are many people who do not read the comments and they do click on "like" just because it's from a friend. And that's the feeling I sometimes have EEVA.
        Please. Do not misinterpret my words. It is normal for someone to see more videos of a person that of the other. The affinity, friendship, geographical proximity. But then .... looks like we're not being fair to others?
        I believe EEVA really worth.
        Customers do not come here to look for us. But I think that's not the purpose. The important thing is to see the work of colleagues. The trends I see in the videos of colleagues from other countries or closest colleagues, give me a hint how I can improve my works based on the trends and the experience of others.
        As I mentioned before, I work only edition. My customers videographers know my way to work and hire me. I Don't tell them how to do their job but sometimes I give them an idea of shooting something concrete.
        I think my style has been refined. EEVA provides very important information for the experts (you always learn something) and the beginner.
        It is important that everyone is involved in some way.
        I just came (and although it would be nice), I do not intend to fill the charts, but at least I need feedback from my colleagues in my videos. One professional review. Click on "like" does not mean anything if there is a comment that supports it.
    • Videographer Suteu Calin
      Dear colleagues!
      I did not entered the discussion until now because I was very busy. my apologies
      I want to congratulate the administrators of this site and I greet you all, and I would like to thank those
      who have appreciated my work and those who have criticized.
      Those who have appreciated thank them for impulse inspired to go ahead with my films and
      sincere desire to not disappoint in the future.My critics wish them continued success and I would ask if you can
      help me with a more constructive and detailed criticism.
      Once again thanks go those who understood and appreciated my work
      and I hope that my intervention was not upset anyone
      • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
        I am very pleased that a respected author with us. From site members had a lot of complaints about unfair selection of Video of the day. I took your video is not as bad, but just as an example for discussion.
    • Videographer Wesele Studio
      I have to refresh the topic, because one of our colleagues has found the recipe for the video of the day. Sends a message with the content "Hi, what do you think if we exchange likes in our videos? " And a lot of people agree, what do you think about this behavior.
    • Blocked Hristo Kavalov
      I keep getting spam from random users and I keep seeing the spammed videos on the first page. I doesn't matter if they're good or weak, the manner is this kind of technique gives birth to the fake likability option. So if this thread is about fighting this kind of promoting you might consider adding video of the the staff picked or somethin'
      • Videographer Wesele Studio

        seems to me that some people do not see the problem or do not want to see. EEVA turned into a mutual admiration society. Some things do not want to have just a comment, a waste of time.
    • Administrator WEVA Speaker
      This unpleasant situation is not liked by everyone. We regularly reduce the rating of those who send such letters and asks colleagues to vote for his video. Some spammers have been blocked or removed. We are mindful that their video did not get on the first page. If you have suggestions or complaints, please write it.
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