Videographer Carlos van Oostrum

WEVA interview se svatebním kameramanem

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Pracuješ sám nebo máš tým? Řekni nám něco o sobě nebo o tvém studiu.
Hi I am Carlos, filmmaker at BruidBeeld and co-founder of the event For Love’s Sake. We are making wedding films for 6 years now. It all started with a friend who asked us (me and Eelke) to film his wedding. After several time declining these type of events, because we had the idea wedding films were boring, non creative, not sexy and no fun at all, we said yes to this friend of mine.

And guess what? Besides that the film was the worst I ever made, it was the best thing I ever did up until then. The gratitude, the freedom, the fun we had. So we decided to found BruidBeeld…and from there it all started.

Nowadays we work with 2 teams, Eelke as head of one and myself as head of one. It felt like a waste of talent to just use 75% of your own shots and let the other make all the safety shots and vice versa.
Jak dlouho pracuješ jako svatební kameraman? Kde pracuješ (kancelář nebo doma)?
Like I said, 6 years. Well is it really either office or internet? I don’t think you can separate those two, they are intertwined. We work from our office, but are shopfront is the website (and social) That’s were you get your clients.

I really wanted to separate the very thin line between personal life and therefor we have a office.
Jak jsi se dostal k tomu stát se svatebním kameramanem?
After that first wedding, the realization came that if I wanted to keep on doing commercial work, I would compete with 5000 production companies in Amsterdam, who are more experienced, better and have the ability to use better equipment. It felt like a battle I couldn’t win at that point.

Weddings are the best training field. You learn everything, light, composition, editing…you name it. So after analysing the Dutch market it felt like a good thing to do.

So we started BruidBeeld and grew rapidly. And the best part of it all…we are making tons of fun, travel to awesome places and being more creative then we ever were.

I really love this type of filmmaking.
Co je nejoblíbenější část tvojí práce? A jakým směrem se ubíráš mimo natáčení?
I think my favourite parts can be divided in 3:
- Personal contact: I love to be amongst people, love to work with emotions. So what is a better environment than weddings? I personally wouldn’t know.
- Business: I love building businesses. Bedsides BruidBeeld, I started For Love’s Sake, Boy meets Girl and working on something new I am going to start with my wife, Christa. I love all the analysing, making decisions, taking calculated risks, putting your brand out there, making sure it reaches the right target group.
- Editing: I love music, it is that I am not talented in making it myself. So for me during editing it’s the closest I will ever get to work with music and to do something with the musical knowledge I have. Like in business, I like making decisions, and editing is all about making those decisions. Do I cut now or wait a few seconds, emotion vs aesthetics and the everlasting why. Why did I do this, why did I cut. The whole process of killing your darlings.
Myslíš, že pokud WEVA sjednotí nebo propojí všechny dobré lidi v oboru, může to zlepšit práci kameramanů jako takovou?
Well, its great you guys opened up to the rest of the filmmaking world (western Europe etc) Because that way you will get diversity, and that what leads to inspiration. So keep on inspire each other and let’s keep raising the bar.
Co si myslíš o výsledcích cen WEVA?
Well the winner is surely the best. The film Pui-Yuk and Remi (MARU) made is epic. Its all that wedding filmmaking is nowadays. Its emotional, its personal, its authentic, its creative and it’s a absolute jewel for the couple itself. I think it’s one of the best films ever made in our industry.

I hope it will inspire lots of other filmmakers to find their own style, voice and way of making films. Because like you saw during this competition, besides of the technical quality of all, which was so high, storytelling wise it is quite generic. And I know we are all doing weddings, how different can they be. But Maru proved that we can learn a lot when it comes to pushing yourself to do the extra mile!
Chtěl bys něco vzkázat svým kolegům?
Keep on inspiring each other, keep on doing what you like and it’s good to see how many talent our industry got.


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